Watch me, I’m doing it.


This is how I feel when I am in the moment, doing my best, being present.

I discovered a new mantra today. I was engaged in a counseling session (I was the client in this particular instance) and as I was telling a story to my counselor. With gusto, I described myself saying to someone “Watch me, I’m doing it!” Though the story was actually illustrating the feelings I struggle with in group settings and how to shift my experience, my counselor helped me develop a way I can do just that. She commended me on simply showing up – pursuing my interests and staying consistent – she then reflected back to me what I said and suggested I use it as my mantra.

“Watch me, I’m doin’ it!”

I’m not sure if it will stick, but it resonates with me. There is something about saying this that makes me happy. I like that it can be a bit sassy or a bit more gruff and badass. Depending on how you want to spin it. It shifts my focus from being self-conscious and critical, not only of myself but of others as well, to being more present. I am being active, I am here now, I am making the effort. One step at a time.

Here’s me hanging off a wall of ice. It’s one of the scariest things I have ever done. I’m proud I tried.

“Watch me, I’m doin’ it!”

Love, Strength, & Vigor!

Yours, Pachygerm.


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