High Tech Book List

Goal: Create a book list. Achieved! Developing Online book list.

Waiting on the shelf.

I promised myself I would begin keeping a list of the books I have read and those I would like to read. I tend to do things the old fashioned way – you know, writing them down on pieces of paper and that sort of thing? Well, I love doing things with my hands and keeping my life low-tech that way, but sometimes it is important to go digital. I am obsessed with writing things down. I love keeping lists. The annoying thing is that I have stacks of paper everywhere and often have a hard time getting rid of them (or lose them or both! Imagine that.)

So keeping records of things is a great way to get organized and eliminate clutter. For that reason, instead of keeping my book list on paper or even in an excel spreadsheet, I am going to try to keep my book list on this website, Good Reads.

This way I can easily share what I have read, keep brief notes and reviews on each book, and see what my friends are reading. I really like the idea, here’s hoping I maintain the list.


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