Snail Mail from Pachygerm Post

Goal: Participate in Snail Mail My Email November 2012. Achieved! November 12 – 18, 2012.

Pens and Pencils Ready! Go! Snail Mail Your Emailz

I received my first emails today. A few weeks ago I signed up to be part of a mail art project called Snail Mail My Email. The whole premise is hand-crafted correspondence in a “digital world.” I’ve been writing letters for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I used to write mail to my friends in California, while my family and I traveled around Germany (my roots!) Throughout university I was always in touch with my sisters through post and I even picked up some random pen-pals. While I was living in Boston, MA, my friend Katie started corresponding with inmates (prisoners in jail.) I was inspired and signed up to do the same. I started by writing to 2 gentleman, which became three to five down the line. As the inmates began to share my mailing address, it was hard to keep up. Then I moved and it was too much to handle.

Through projects like Good Mail Day I picked up pen-pals in a couple of different states. I still correspond with friends around the world: an Artist friend who is currently in Mongolia, a cycling cartoonist who resides in Portland, and an Earthship building badass in Australia.

I am really pumped to have found Snail Mail My Email. It is so silly and seems so counter-intuitive that I love it more and more. Explaining it to people I end up laughing out loud, people often seem confused, but it is also endearing. Somehow this project has infused me with new motivation to write mail. In the past year I have really been struggling to put time into crafting quality letters. My main form of mail has become postcards, short, sweet, and simple! But somehow, I can’t wait to sit down and get SERIOUS about snail mailing some damn emails!

Love, Strength & Vigor from Yours Truly,

Pachygerm Post


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