How To Make Friends at a Bike Shop

My Frat: Getting Shit Done inspired by David Allen

My Frat: Getting Shit Done inspired by David Allen

I woke up late today. I rolled over and looked at my phone, which informed me that it was 7:20 AM. I was supposed to be at a staff meeting a 7:30. I threw on some clothes and made it from my house in the Inner Sunset to Lululemon on Grant Avenue in record time! I may never experience such a short commute again, I was really hauling ass.

I have been noticing (and cringing) over the noises that my bicycle has been making lately. I have been meaning to get a new chain and do some general maintenance since February. Yes, that was about 10 months ago – as I reference David Allen and Getting Things Done above… Damn. WELL – as I biked home from my staff meeting, I decided that if I didn’t show the Steel Elephant some love in the near future, it may no longer get me from point A to point B. After  a power nap, I coasted over to Everybody Bikes on 15th and Irving.

The Steel Elephant

The Steel Elephant

Michael, the owner of Everybody Bikes, diagnosed my bicycle: he said that it really isn’t so bad. Ha. Part of me thought “Whew! A professional thinks that my bike is OK!” The other part of me said out loud “Yea, that’s what you think.” Turns out that it isn’t so bad, but my cassette was loose, my bottom bracket is semi-trashed, and my chain is super kaput. The Steel Elephant got a new nickle-plated (?) cassette, a new chain, and some minor adjustments.

How do you make friends with people at a bike shop? Talk shit and bring them beer. I try to ask a lot of questions and I try not to relinquish control of my bicycle preferences. I feel like bike mechanics like to tell you what’s wrong or what’s right and sometimes you have to remind yourself that your preferences are never wrong. As a woman, if it’s all guys in the shop it can be intimidating to have all the uber-confident energy flying at you. It doesn’t hurt to take a moment to reflect on what you want and need. I definitely recommend Everybody Bikes – they’re awesome. I got to hang out with Michael and company for an hour or so and watch Hot Cheetos and Takis. I’ll be going back to share beer next week.

Things to look forward to in December: I’ll be writing about my explorations in mobility! I am trying to collect crossfit and mobility gear and get to work on my tight IT bands amongst other muscles. Let the smashing begin!

Lacross balls and Rogue Fitness voodoo floss bands. Get to work.

Lacross balls and Rogue Fitness voodoo floss bands.           Get to work.

Love, Strength, & Vigor!



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